Book Review : Tales with a Twist!

Welcome to my first ever book review about Tales with a Twist!

Tales with a Twist!

Hold on, hold on. Stay and Read on.

Just because I mentioned first, I can see you wondering if this would be a value for you. Well, everything has a first beginning. And so is my book review. I promise to make it as entertaining as possible.

Confession: Even after being an author myself, I have never reviewed any books.

I do not want to lie saying its due to lack of time. I definitely have plenty of them. It’s just that I am not comfortable. Maybe I do not love the writing reviews as much as I love reading books.

I do not want to read a book for the sole purpose of writing a review because I feel it may remove the real entertainment in reading and could have a negative impact on the feel otherwise I would have on the book.

Also, to me, reviewing the book is not all about criticizing the style of writing or the flaws in the writing.

I can understand that every writer has their own writing style, and for a reason. No one can or should make the author change his style. That is what make him unique.

And that uniqueness in Varadharajan’s writing is what made me write this review.

Is there anyone who do not love a twist at the end of the story? And with almost 30 different stories with its own twist, it is something that we cannot miss.


First about the Author:

This is what his blog page says “Aspiring Writer, Bookworm, Sun Tzu fan, Himalayas lover, Proud father and a Happy husband – not necessarily in that order.”

I think its time to change it to the Published author!!!

Varadharajan Ramesh, you made it. And you made it with big impact. Congrats.

His stories are truly global. I should say that he has done good homework to blend the local culture including the slangs and words used in local places where the story happens. Be it the Spanish touch or the Indian southern states. He makes you feel the place.

About the book:

The book contains 29 tales. Each of the tales are really interesting, except few which could be a bit not so good for kids. But hey, are they too much when compared to today’s kid’s conversation? I am not sure.

One thing I can bet is, you can never figure the way the tales are going to end. Sure.

My favorite in the tales is “Repairing Cushions“. In this, the author have showed how can he play not just with his imagination but also with English words. You never knew how difficult was it for me not to break the twist in the review. He has cleverly embedded an excellent message for the society, especially for the parents in this story.

Once you download, please head straight to this one. I am sure, you won’t be disappointed.

If the Repairing Cushions was about the relation of father and son, Journey is all about the Grand father and grand son. I really could not expect any twist in such a story. Afterall, what twist can be in a story that advices and provides suggesstions for the grandson on life? Ha ha. Yes, read on and you will know.

And then comes the Dependent. This raises the bar of the love & relation between the mother & son until you each the end. If this is not twist in the end, then I don’t know what could be.

With the Troubles of Time Travel story, the author have proved himself that he is not only good in writing a fiction, but also a science related one. Yes, I am surprised at the depth of homework he could have done to make such a story so interesting. Its full of details about time travel. But then you ask yourself – Is it true? Who cares. Its all about how the author keeps you hooked on to the story and make you believe its true. And I should agree that Varadharajan has won in this with distinction.

Another favorite of mine is the story happening around my region. Yes Komberi Mookan. Even though it reminds of some filmy incidents, it does keep you engaged.


Hmm, by now I am sure you know what would be my recommendation. Yes, why wait. Go straight and down the book right here.