Maheshwaran Jothi

Maheshwaran Jothi, ya its me. I am basically from Singaara Chennai, and currently live in the fashion city of the world, Milan.

During my childhood days, I use to play with sand so much that I did my masters in same. Yup, I did my Master in Microelectronics – Silicon replaced Sand.

My first book “Know you Computers in 7 Days” was published in 2004. My next book was in progress, and that is when I had a costly lesson about backing up your data. Yes, my storage disk with the in-progress content laughed at me saying knowing computer is not sufficient. You need to know about the infamous Murphy’s law too!!!

Too bad, I was left with no backup.

Add to that, the personal commitments forced me to put a brake on me writing books. But the author in me do not want to. So, he successfully continued to convince me to write my thoughts on to the blog posts. That’s how my journey into penning the thoughts came to life. On my blog, I wrote about the stuff I loved most. Travels!!!

With the motivation from my friends I ventured into writing fiction. The first story which I posted in 8 different sections on my blog made me to be recognized as an author. Thus began my journey, again.

After years of writing such posts, I happen to visit a friend in U.S.A. [Believe me, I have been there!!!] who introduced me to the Amazon Kindle Desktop Publishing.

Back then in early 2000s, publishing a book was not so easy. But now with the Amazon and thanks to its KDP, I am back to writing books. Have already published four E-books on Amazon. My favorite is the Sudadhe [Tamil] which is my debut story writing.

I did not stop with just fiction. Took some courage and wrote a book on finance – Financial Freedom. This time, I did publish it in both e-format and physical format.

Thus began my journey and today I am here talking with you,

My Dear Readers!


Questions? Comments? Wishes? feedback? Do not hesitate to write it to me.

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