What’s your excuse?

What is your excuse?

No time?

You have time to browse through the useless WhatsApp forwards?

You have time to look through those cine gossips in the daily magazines?

You have time talk behind the back of many?

You have time to browse all those photo uploaded by face less Facebook friends?

In fact have the time to click on those share button which says it will bring you luck.

Still you feel you are busy and have no time?

I disagree. Time and tide waits for none.

Yes true.

But you can meet when it is present, right?

Every person on earth have tasks to do. So, how do they manage to do something you can’t?

Every one have the same 24 hours a day. So why you cannot find your slot in those 24 hours?

Don’t tell me you are tired, with sleepless nights.

You have solid 1/3 of the day just for sleep. What else you want?

So, that gives you 18 hours to decide on what to do. Think about it. Don’t you get few 10s of minutes in these 18 hours? 1080 minutes?

Everyone have. You have.

Everyone sees it. You also see it.

But only few utilize it.

You also have time to read and reach this last line of my blog. Hey I did not mean you are wasting your time. Because now you are just learning on how to find and utilize the time.


If you cant find time for a certain thing, it simply means that is not your cup of coffee. Leave it, and look into others.

When you have the interest, you will find time.

When your passion forces you, you will arrest time in your favor.

So, go find it, welcome it and use it.

Once you start, I am sure you will Thank me for this! For kindling your passion…

Still you feel you are busy and have no time?

OK, start from the first line. !!!

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